Medicinal Chemistry 2

Most Important Questions

Medicinal Chemistry 2 5th semester Important Questions || Most Important Questions || Carewell Pharma

Most Important Questions

  • Most Important Unit

    • Unit 1st & Unit 2nd

  • Medium

    • Unit 5th then Unit 3rd & 4th

  • All 19 Drugs Which Contain synthesis

Unit 1st

  1. Define and classify Antihistaminic agents with examples
  2. OR

      Write the SAR and MOA of H1 Antagonists with synthesis of

    • Diphenhydramine hydrochloride
    • Triprolidine hydrochloride Any One.
    • Promethazine hydrochloride
    • Write the SAR and MOA of H2 Antagonists with the synthesis of

    • Cimetidine
    • Write the mechanism of Gastric Proton Pump inhibitors (Short note). with examples.

  3. Write a details note on Anti-neoplastic agents.
  4. OR

      Define Antineoplastic agent. Discuss mechanism of action of Alkylating agents with the synthesis of Mechlorethamine. Discuss MOA of antimetabolites with the synthesis of Mercaptopurine and Methotrexate. Write a short note on plant products.

Unit 2nd

  1. Discuss in details about Anti-anginal drug.
  2. OR

      Define anti-anginal drugs. write MOA of Nitrates (vasodilators) with synthesis of Isosorbide dinitrate or Nitroglycerin


    Classify Anti-anginal drugs & Give the Synthesis and SAR of isosorbide dinitrite.

    Write a short note on calcium channel blockers (CCBs).

  3. What are Diuretics ? Classify them. & Write the MOA of Carbonic anhydrase inhibitors & synthesis of Acetazolamide.
  4. OR

      Write the synthesis & MOA of Acetazolamide.

      Write SAR & Mechanism of Action of -

      1. Thiazide diuretics & Synthesis of Chlorthiazide.
      2. Loop diurectics and synthesis of furosemide
      3. Define Antihypertensive drugs and write the SAR & MOA of ACE inhibitors.
      4. Give synthesis and MOA of methyldopate hydrochloride.

Unit 3rd

  1. Define and classify Anti-arrhythmic drugs. Discuss the synthesis and MOA of Disopyramide phosphate (CCBs).
  2. Define and classify Anticoagulants drugs. Discuss the synthesis and MOA of warfarin.
  3. Write a note on cardiac glycosides used in the treatment of CHF.
  4. OR

      Describe the drug used in the treatment of CHF.

    • Write a note on antihyperlepedemic agents (lipid lowering drugs).

Unit 4th

  1. Write a note on oral contraceptives.
  2. Define and classify Antithyroid drugs and also write a note on their drugs propylthiouacil, L-thyroxine.
  3. OR

      Define antithyroid drugs and write their classification and mechanism of action.

    • Write a short note of any two.
      1. Steroids
      2. Sex hormones
      3. Corticosteroids
      4. Drugs for erectile dysfunction.

Unit 5th

  1. Classify oral hypoglycemic drugs. write MOA of sulfonyl ureas with the synthesis of Tolbutamide.
  2. Classify sulfonyl ureas and Bigaunides and write their mechanism.
  3. Write a short note on Glucosidase inhibitors.
  4. Define and classify local anesthetic & write SAR, Synthesis & MOA of -
    1. Benzocaine
    2. Procaine
    3. Dibucaine

    Very Short Answer Type - 2 Marks.

  1. Define Histamine and Anti-histamine drugs.
  2. Write structure and uses of
    • Diphenhydramine hydrochloride
    • Triprolidine hydrochloride
    • Promethazine hydrochloride
  3. Write Mechanism Of Action of Gastrin proton pump inhibitors.
  4. Define antineoplastic agents.
  5. Write structure and uses of
    • Mercaptopurine
    • Methotrexate
  6. Define Angina pectoris and write the name of its types.
  7. Define unstable Angina.
  8. Define Vasodelators.
  9. Write MOA of Nitrates.
  10. Write structure, uses of Isosorbide dinitrite & GTN.
  11. Define Diuretics.
  12. Write structure & uses of
    • Acetazolamide
    • Chlorthiazide
    • Furosemide
    • Methyldopate hydrochloride
  13. Define coagulants & anticoagulants.
  14. Define Antihypertensive agents
  15. Define Thyroids.
  16. What are estrogen & Synthetic estrogen.
  17. Define thyroid inhibitors.
  18. Define steroids
  19. Define corticosteroids.
  20. Define oral contraceptics.
  21. Discuss local anesthetics.
  22. Write structure and uses of
    • Tolbutamide
    • Benzocaine
    • Procaine
    • Dibucaine
  23. Write mechanism of action of methotrexate.
  24. Draw structure and MOA of verapamil.
  25. Draw the structure and uses of loop diuretics drugs.
  26. Define MOA and uses of Lovastatin.
  27. Write a short note on digitoxin.
  28. Write MOA and structure of sildenafil.
  29. Discuss the advantages of amide local anesthetic over ester local anesthetics.
  30. Discuss about metabolic pathway of insulin.
  31. Write a short note on thiazolidinediones.
  32. What is erectile dysfunction.
  33. What are Antidiabetic agents.
  34. What are lipid lowering drugs give example.
  35. Write MOA of L-thyronine.
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Most Important Questions

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