Quality Assurance

Unit 1

Quality Assurance and Quality Management concepts: Definition and concept of Qualitycontrol, Quality assurance and GMP
Total Quality Management (TQM): Definition, elements, philosophies
ICH Guidelines: purpose, participants, process of harmonization, Brief overview of QSEM, with special emphasis on Q-series guidelines, ICH stability testing guidelines
Quality by design (QbD): Definition, overview, elements of QbD program, tools
ISO 9000 & ISO14000: Overview, Benefits, Elements, steps for registration
NABL accreditation: Principles and procedures

Unit 2

Organization and personnel: Personnel responsibilities, training, hygiene and personal records
Premises: Design, construction and plant layout, maintenance, sanitation, environmental control, utilities and maintenance of sterile areas, control of contamination.
Equipments and raw materials: Equipment selection, purchase specifications, maintenance, purchase specifications and maintenance of stores for raw materials

Unit 3

Quality Control: Quality control test for containers, rubber closures and secondary packing material
Good Laboratory Practices: General Provisions, Organization and Personnel, Facilities, Equipment, Testing Facilities Operation, and Control Articles, Protocol for Conduct of aNonclinical Laboratory Study, Records and Reports, Disqualification of Testing Facilities